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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lenten Challenge: Junk Drawer

So last week began my Lenten Challenge. I started with the junk drawer in my kitchen because I felt that it would be the most rewarding and motivating in my efforts! Here is the before.

The during. -- Notice my bag next to the empty drawer; this is the trash that I threw out. I also had a pile of stuff to add to my ever-growing "yard sale" boxes. I sorted everything out and then put things away where they were supposed to be!
Bag #1 is ready to go out for the trash. It's interesting.... as I was going through the stuff in the drawer, I found myself thinking about my kids and their chore of setting the table. There was no good spot to keep the placemats and emptying out the drawer made just the right place! Ultimately the "junk" drawer was supposed to be a place to keep pens/pencils and other items that you need in a pinch.... so hopefully it will return to its original purpose, plus a placemat holder! ;-)
As I emptied my drawer, I prayed for:
  • my children as they obey their parents in doing their chores
  • my oldest son, as he does his homework (he's always asking for a pencil!)
  • myself as I prepare meals with a cheerful heart
  • safety for my baby girl -- I thought of this because whenever I find something too small on the floor (LEGOs!) I stick them in the drawer so she won't choke!
The after.

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