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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

School Days

With summer coming to an end, I wanted to post something I read in "Let's Make a Memory"by Gloria Gaither and Shirley Dobson (Great Ideas for Building Family Traditions and Togetherness).

Back-To-School Shopping Spree
Make an "event" of shopping for back-to-school wardrobes. Spend some special time with each child alone.

  • Go over last year's clothes; try everything on to see what still fits.
  • Assess what may be handed down from an older brother or sister.
  • Make a list of things needed to make the left-over wardrobe usable. List colors that are needed in accessories such as socks or belts.
  • Make a realistic budget from the resources that are available. Explain the budget to the children. They will be more pleasant about "limitations" if they understand the budget and feel the parent is truly anxious to help.
  • Plan a happy time looking for new things.
  • Enjoy each other. 

First Day of School
Make a special event of the first day of school. Try one or more of the following ideas, or create a tradition on your own:

  • Wear one thing new.
  • Take a picture to remember the day by.
  • Go as a family to buy pencils, notebooks, and art supplies.
  • Have a special "Celebrate Fall" supper of: chili, vegetable sticks, cheese slices, assorted crackers, homemade oatmeal cookies and milk 

Obviously these are just ideas to get the juices flowing in how to make going back to school special. What things do you do as a family to help your children get excited for school???

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