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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Create a Popsicle Stick Doll House

You know you want to use all those craft sticks you have laying around, since it turns out that the box of 1000 is only a bit more than the package of 150.

I wrote about making this house a few years ago.  This was a fun project, though it sure took a lot of time...  which isn't necessarily a bad thing, right?

Here's the original post where it was originally posted.

My youngest daughter, Caroline, was 10 when she made this house.  I don't remember the exact steps but here are a few notes about how it was made:
  1. It sits on a base of cardboard.   We figured out how big the house would be and created a floor of sticks.
  2. The walls were made by laying and then gluing the sticks one on top of each other, flat-side down. Yup, that took a while, and used up a lot of sticks!  
  3. Openings were left for the door and for windows on each of the other 3 sides.  The openings were "finished" with the craft sticks.
  4. The roof and chimney were designed and crafted by Caroline's loving and helpful Daddy.  It is a separate piece and sits on top of the walls -- so you can easily remove the roof, put things inside the house, and then set the roof back on.
The inhabitants of the popsicle stick house are small twig people made by Caroline. They have (rather oddly shaped) acorn heads and leaf clothing. Their friend (in the photo above, "standing" on the right) is some kind of twig-only dude.

A really awesome book for being crafty with kids is Family Fun Crafts.  The how-to for making the little stick figure dolls is on pp. 108-109.

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Far Above Rubies said...

Oh my goodness. This is so adorable.

Thank you for sharing.

God bless,


Far Above Rubies said...

I apologize. I would love to feature this on Domestically Divine.

If you have any objections, let me know.



Natalie said...

Thank you, Jasmine! We would love to be featured!!! Thanks for stopping by our blog! :-)

Mother Mel said...

This is such a lovely idea, I just wish I knew where to get these sticks in bulk! I would build a castle too:)

Natalie said...

Mother Mel,
If you click on "box of 1000" in the post, it will take you to a page on AC Moore's website where you can purchase some! :-)
Thanks for reading!