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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Handmade Burp Cloth Tutorial

Here are the steps for making some extra large, extra soft burp cloths for baby!

Materials Needed:
  • Sewing Machine and various accessories (scissors, thread, etc.)
  • Soft Flannel in a fun pattern
  • Cloth Diaper
  • Cutting Mat and Rotary Blade (or ruler and scissors and measuring tape)

Step 1: Wash the flannel and the cloth diapers in your washing machine to pre-shrink them. Iron them so that there are no wrinkles and lay them flat.

Step 2: Fold the cloth diaper in half and sew all the way around the edges. If the diaper comes with a hem, sew inside it and then trim it off so that there won't be any bumps along the edges of the burp cloth. Size will vary because of brand of diaper that you bought, but make an effort to sew this as straight and even as you can. It won't matter if it's slightly off because the fabric is stretchy and you can make up for it when sewing it to the flannel.

Step 3: Cut the flannel to a size that is close to but slightly larger than your folded/sewn diaper. Cut the edges straight with a ruler or if you have a mat and rotary blade, that makes it even easier. Pin the two pieces together with the front side of the fabric on the inside. Once they are pinned all the way around (stretching the diaper to meet the edges of the flannel) -- sew them up, but leave a 4" gap on one side so that you can turn it right-side out when you are finished.

Step 4: Cut the corners off and flip the burp cloth right-side out.

Step 5: Using a zig-zag top stitch, sew all the way around the edges a second time, about 1/8"-1/4" from the edge, when you come to the opening, fold the edges under so that you will sew the gap shut with this final top stitch. 
Step 6: Trim the thread close to your stitch and if you need to do a final iron, you can. Otherwise you are done! :-) Easy, quick and very useful! Makes a great gift...

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