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Friday, January 20, 2012

"Simple Solutions for Everyday Organic" (#1)

These seven ideas for ways to improve your own life were taken from an article I read in Mary Janes Farm magazine...

1. Take a walk outdoors. Sometimes even just walking down the street and back can pick up your spirits and give you energy to finish out your day.

2. Create a collage. Find a picture that speaks to you in some way? Start collecting them and turn them into an art project that displays what you love in life.

3. Find a few minutes for free writing. Find a beautiful journal just for you and write your thoughts in it. Track the path of your life by reading former entries.

4. Dance. Just do it. It's fun. Who cares whether you can or not.

5. Meditate. Even just five minutes of stillness can make all the difference in a busy day.

6. Create a meal, slowly. Make something just for you. Enjoy the cooking process as much as the eating of it.

7. Practice praise. Admire others and tell them.

Doesn't that make you feel better?

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