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Friday, February 3, 2012

"Simple Solutions for Everyday Organic" (#3)

"7 Ways to 'GREEN' Your Spring Cleaning"
Tips from an article in Mary Janes Farm magazine...

1. Love Your Laundry -- Use half of a dryer sheet each time you run your dryer. It will still help your clothes smell nice and prevent static cling and you'll have less garbage!

2. Seek Out Simple Tools -- Use traditional cleaning tools like lamb's wool dusters, metal dustpans, straw brooms and don't use the more modern cleaning products that require throw away pads and dusters. [I personally still use some of these because it is easier--but there are a few kinds out there that you can wash and reuse.]

3. Clean without Chemicals -- This is also safer for children! A lot of the cleaning products out there "have been linked to allergies, skin irritations, breathing problems, and even nerve damage."

4. Pass the Vinegar, Please -- Vinegar can kill a lot of the mold, bacteria and viruses that are out there. Use it in a spray bottle. Add 1-cup of vinegar to your load of towels in the washer. Suggested website for vinegar tips:

5. Get a Baking Soda Boost -- Pair baking soda with your vinegar and together they will give you a great scrub! Deodorize drains and disposals with 1 cup soda followed by 2 cups boiling vinegar.

6. Put Peroxide to Work -- Removes stains in carpets!!! Pour on some, from the brown bottle under your bathroom sink, and let it dry.

7. Mix Your Own Furniture Polish --
  • 1/4 cup white vinegar
  • 1 tsp jojoba oil
Mix together and apply to furniture with a soft cloth!

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