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Monday, August 15, 2011

Someone else's Trash... my Treasure!

And now for an edition of "She tries her hand at reupholstering a chair with no experience or instructions... just a strong will, determined to have a beautiful chair in her living room!"

First pad is covered, but you get
the idea of what it looked like before.
So, I bought this chair at Goodwill for $20. It was originally $25, but I donated a bag of goodies and got 20% off (whoo hoo!). The pads completely don't match my living room. Rephrase that. The pads completely don't match any of the other mismatched used furniture in my living room. But a girl can dream, right? Last night I jumped in the car and grabbed some fabric from Walmart, hoping they would have something attractive in the color I wanted. I think I did okay! [Sidebar. My spellchecker just told me that Walmart was misspelled and should be Wall Chart. Bah! Haha!]
First I removed the covers and pulled them apart with my seam ripper. Then laid them out on the backside of the new fabric (keeping the front faced down on both pieces) and pinned them together. Once I did this, I basically created a pattern for myself and I cut around the pieces, creating new pieces. Just like a pattern, the old fabric had those triangular shaped notches cut into it, so I just followed along and cut them out of the new fabric as well. These notches helped me line up the pieces and I pinned them together and sewed them.

Cutting along the edges of the old fabric.
Pinning the pieces together to sew.

It's put together, time to stuff!
The stuffing fits perfectly!!!
Had to add straps to hook it on the back
of the chair. Buttons on the front to
hold it together.
 The hardest part was the zipper, but luckily that goes to the back and no one will ever know that it is crazy back there (except for all of you). Anyway. I am really happy with my results and even MORE happy with my savings. Nothing like a "new" chair!


mariah said...

Than came out so cute! Way to go!

Emily said...

Really great job! So proud of you... xo