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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Canning Tomatoes: Sauce (Episode 1)

Remember those tomatoes sitting on my window sill? Well several of them were ready! Whenever I don't have enough to do a full canner's worth of jars I like to quickly whip up a couple jars of Tomato Sauce because it is quick and easy!

I took 6 lbs of tomatoes and washed them in my sink.

I cut them in quarters and put them in my pot.

I boiled them for several minutes, just until they started to squish and the skins were coming off.

After the tomatoes cooked down, I ran them through my food mill to remove the skins and seeds. The tomato juice then went back into the pot for a boil.

While the tomatoes began to boil, my jars were also boiling away to sanitize. Since I only needed two quart jars, I just put them in my stock pot with a towel on the bottom to keep them from rattling around and breaking and I boiled them for 10 minutes with the rings and lids. 

Once everything was nice and hot I funneled the sauce into the jars leaving NO HEADSPACE. I allowed the tomato sauce to overflow the rim so that when the lid and ring tightens down, juice squeezes out so there's no air in the jar. This overflow method can only be used for tomatoes. 
I used my jar tongs and my rubber mat to hand-tighten down the lids and rings after wiping off the rims of the jars. These quarts will seal themselves without processing! Super easy!

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