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Monday, October 10, 2011

She Makes Mondays (Link-up!): Hug Your Candle

Today we are continuing a weekly feature -- She Makes Mondays -- where we share a helpful homemaking idea or tip and give you the opportunity to share too!

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Here's our tip: 
Hug Your Candle

Pillar candles will last longer and burn cleaner if you hug them! 
After you extinguish your candle (because you've been burning it all day) use your thumb and index finger to gently press in the soft top of the candle, working your way around the top edge to even it all out.  Just press inwards until it's even and molded toward the wick, don't press too hard or you might crack the wax. 

This will prevent a "tunnel" from forming in the center of the candle.
Also, before lighting your candle again, be sure to trim the wick to 1/4" for clean burning.
Here are some more tips for candle burning success!

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