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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Family Rules Artwork UPDATED

The newest addition to our walls: Family Rules.

Many of you may have seen these types of home decor items around (I even saw one in Wal-Mart today!) This is my homemade one that I recently finished. The canvas is 18" wide by 24" long. It is quite large, but I wanted to fill this space well and I really like how it looks. The large size was difficult to cover with paper, but it allowed me to use large lettering and write quite a few rules to follow!

The process involved painting the canvas a dark brown (almost black) so that the edges and gaps were covered up. Then I chose papers to cut and mod-podge all across the surface. Originally I wanted to do strips of paper, but the size prevented me from doing that well since my papers were only 12" wide. Squares did the trick. I also cut out borders (called Frame Chains) and put those around the edges of the canvas. Next I used chip board letters for the title across the top. The rules were done with several Cricut cartridges and colors of cardstock. I also used up some sticker letters for some of the rules that were longer phrases (making them smaller so that I could fit them!).

My rules are:
Love and Obey God
Be Patient
Be Thankful
Be each other's Best Friend
Have a Cheerful Heart
There's no such thing as mine, it's all God's
Be content with what God gives you
Tell the truth
Honor your Parents
Be Kind
Respect your Family
Pray Often
Trust in God's Unfailing Love

1 comment:

Andi Sibley said...

I LOVE this! Your rules are spot on. I am going to think about how to make one of these for our family. I don't have the scrapbooking materials or tools. Maybe I can use iron transfer paper for the words and make a wall quilt... *thinking furiously*