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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Busy Bags

Some women in my church recently got together and created a series of busy bags for our kids. I wasn't able to be with them the night that they created the projects, but I contributed a set of supplies from home. It was a great system! There were 5 of us participating, so each person made 5 of the projects and then we shared them all. My 3yo son loves his new busy bags! The ones that we did included laminated blank faces with tubs of play dough (to create silly eyes, noses, mouth, etc.) ~ color matching ~ puzzles ~ pipe cleaners with soft beads to string on them ~ velcro jumbo sticks to create shapes ~ felt cupcakes with decorations, etc. I plan to add to our collection with more activities. These are great for the car or for church because they are portable and they are QUIET activities for him to enjoy. Here is a great resource to check out with amazing ideas for creating busy bags. My plan is to make up a box for him to store these in so that he can pull out a few at a time to take with him in his Church Bag. I am also working on a Quiet Book for my kids, but that will be a long process and hopefully sometime later this year I can post about it! Enjoy these great ideas and share with us if you try them! We would love to see some pictures of the activities you create!

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