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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I'll Do It Myself... (The Coat Trick!)

My three-year old insists on doing everything himself. 9 out of 10 times we are out and about his shoes are on the wrong feet. Why? Because "he'll do it himself!" and this mama chooses her battles. While I am all for self-sufficiency... I also want my children to learn when to take care of themselves and when to do what is best for others.

Now that the baby is here, what's best for others (namely me!) is just what my little guy wants! I love having his "help" getting ready to go out and run errands and so yes, I let him put his shoes on incorrectly and I wait patiently while he chooses a hat and gloves and I stand out in the cold while I watch him attempt to clip his own seatbelt into the harness (and then do it for him when he finally gives up!) but the one thing that he hasn't been able to do is put on his coat! That is until now.

I found this post on Heavenly Homemakers with a cute little video of how the author has taught her boys to put on their coat. It's perfect and we love it here at our house!!!

Now if I can just convince him that he doesn't need to try it with ALL of his jackets and coats before we head out the door........

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