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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

She Snacks

Fact: "I-need-sumthin-eat!" is said an average of 17.5 times per day in our house.

Each time I hear it I, first, sprout a few grey hairs and then second, reach for the quickest thing I can find because really, who wants to be in the kitchen fixing food all day long? Not this chick!

We recently made the decision to avoid processed foods as much as possible--which is a problem when it comes to eating between meals! I am always on the look-out for a fast [but homemade] food grab!

Here's what I usually go for:
Fruit (we usually have a TON because of participating in our produce co-op)
Cheese and Crackers (we buy these)
Raisins or other dried fruits
Popcorn (made with our air popper)

But recently I have been trying to find homemade versions of the things my kids miss the most:

Homemade Cheezits
This recipe makes a very peppery cheese cracker, I just left out the pepper to make my kid friendly ones. They aren't pretty, but they taste great!

Homemade Graham Crackers
I chose to cut mine in smaller pieces to make them a managable size for my kids. I hope to give these to the baby as well, once she has her birthday -- they do have honey in them! My husband is especially excited about the cinnamon sugar topping!

Next on the list of things to try is Homemade Pretzels... [stay tuned]

What kinds of homemade snacks do you make at your house?

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