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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

She Tips: Foil Pie Crust Cover

I've had it up to here [hand to forehead] with attempting to cover the edges of pie crust while baking... My mother always tells me to get some little strips of foil and wrap them around the edges for the last 15 minutes or so... but you know what, that is pretty much an impossible assignment! I can't tell you how many times I have burnt my fingers trying to accomplish this. And I am too cheap frugal to go buy one of those tin ring thingys because let's face it, I don't really bake pie all that much anyway!

So here's my tip: cut a foil star! I have done this several times now and it has worked every time!!! I am so excited about it. Maybe you already thought of this and if so, good for you!!!
For everyone else, seriously you have to do this. Don't ever cut those silly little strips of foil again.

Take a piece of used foil [see, I'm cheap frugal] and smooth it out. Fold it in half and cut 3 cuts one straight up and down, one diagonally to the left and one to the right. Like this:  \ I / 
Then unfold the piece of foil and bend down the corners so that it's got four little "legs." Bend up the star points that you created with your cuts and there you go! Stick that on top of your pie (or in the case of this photo example: a quiche) and bake away!

Cool, huh?

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