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Friday, February 24, 2012

She Makes Lunch: Lunches for Kids

Packing school lunches and making lunches at home each day is not my favorite task. Some people really enjoy it, like this woman, who documented the lunches that she made for her son each day in photos. She is SO CREATIVE! Take a few minutes to look at her collection. If you hover over the items in the photos, she describes them for you. She has great ideas for a variety of lunch items that are perfect for little ones. She also left notes in her son's lunchbox for him to read each day, which is so sweet!

I hope this revives your daily lunch-making abilities!

P.S. Here's another great idea for those of you who pack school lunches!!! I am putting one of these on my wishlist! ;-)

P.P.S. Thanks, Bethany, for sharing this with me!!!

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