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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Photos from a Springtime Garden (Pt. 3)

A few more photos to share...  

Potted Confederate Jasmine.  It will have petite, fragrant, white flowers, come later this spring and early summer.

Trusty Ajuga Reptans...  this will spread and fill in gaps pretty much anywhere you want it to.  And possibly even where you don't want it to. 


Old-fashioned verbena

Mazus Reptans

The Brunnera is starting to bloom.

Japanese painted fern and Ajuga

Peacock moss.  It has an amazing bluish-green color!

Here comes the lily-of-the-valley.

Such a humble plant but one of my favorites...  whether you call it myrtle, periwinkle, or vinca!


MLight said...

I enjoyed all of the flower photos! Good luck with the hydrangea. We don't have one (yet!) so I don't know anything about pruning them. I'll have to check out the deer spray. The one we have works okay, but I have to make sure to be upwind of it or I smell like garlic and chili powder for the rest of the day.

Emily said...

Yes, you do have to wash your hands after using this deer spray but it does work! As long as I remember to spray it... funny that way. :-)

Bottom line on pruning hydrangeas (this sort) is: Don't. That was the mistake I made!