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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Patchwork Quilt Inspiration (Yes, someday you will have time for projects like this!)

My mom and I managed to make these a few years back after my holding on to the fabric squares for several years and doing nothing with them... I know you know what I mean!

Dearest mommies of littles, some day you will have time for projects like this, don't despair!

Meanwhile you can dream of time spent at the sewing machine or scrapbook table or with your knitting needles, whiling away the hours happily creating. (Oh and it helps a lot to have a mom, as I mentioned, who is supremely capable and willing to help you finish uncompleted projects!)

[The following is a slightly revised re-post from my old blog.] 

A long time ago I joined a quilt-square swap with other moms from the Five-in-a-Row message boards online. The squares were chosen to each represent a book used in the unit studies. Recently my mom and I finished putting the Before Five-in-a-Row (unit studies for age 2-4) squares together. We did the designing together and she did the sewing on these two.  We decided to group the squares by color theme rather than by another method (say, putting all the books from one volume together).

These three below include squares that represent books from Five-in-a-Row (unit studies for age 4-8). I put the green one together and my mom finished it off for me by adding the backing (which is a nice green fleece -- very warm and cozy!  And no fussing with adding a layer of batting.)

My mom made this blue and red one.

I made this yellow one all my myself! :-)

You may notice we decided to tie these quilts -- I think it is not only is more consistent with the patchwork but it also adds a nice homey quality to them, I think.  Plus it's easy and doesn't take much time at all!

I hope this inspires you, hang in there, some day you will craft again!

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