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Monday, May 7, 2012

Simple Handmade Headbands

Here is a great place to go for easy directions to create simple homemade flower headbands out of tee-shirt fabric. I wanted to make these because I thought that the fabric (being stretchy) might just feel more comfortable on baby's head over the elastic ones that are sometimes a bit tight. Plus they won't mess up her hair.

Tip: One thing that I did a bit differently from the original directions is how I attached the flowers. I put them on-top of the seam that creates the band (to try and hide it) as well as attaching them in more than one place so they stayed in a better shape while being worn.

Since it was my first time making them, I decided to use clearance fabric and so these are not double-sided... it doesn't look too bad, but I am sure that they would be better without the white backing. Maybe I will make another one with a bit higher quality fabric.

Hopefully she likes her headband a bit better than she does having her picture taken. Haha!

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