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Saturday, June 9, 2012

String Wrapped Letters

So I had double inspiration for my creative project this week... my friend, Mariah, found this idea on Pinterest and she adapted it to suit her needs in her boys' playroom. She used clear push-pins and created a cute saying in the colors that matched her decor. :-)

All you do is print out the letters in the font that you want on your computer. Make the letters as big as you want them. Put them up on the wall and place the push-pins through the paper on all of the points of each letter. Remove paper and leave the push-pins in place. When I did it, I just left starter holes in all the corners and then after taking away the paper, pushed the pins in all the way. Once the pins are in place, tie a string of yarn around one pin and begin wrapping. Tie it off at the end!

Here is what I came up with for my boys' Star Wars themed room:

I have to fix the "R" in "Star" because my son said the tail needs to be longer. Oh well. Maybe on another day. My fingers are a little sore from all that pinning! ;-)

Thanks, Mariah, for the great idea!!!

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