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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Make an Obstacle Course for your Kids!

The boys asked Daddy to make an obstacle course today... or as my three-year old said it, "Dad?! Can you make us an awesome horse?"

So, off my three guys went into the back yard to see what they could make with what we have lying around.

[There's supposed to be a video here... but we are having technical difficulties... sorry!]

Step #1 -- climb up the ladder and go down the slide.
Step #2 -- ride the tricycle over to the t-ball station and hit a ball.
Step #3 -- zig zag through the traffic cones
Step #4 -- step on pots and across a raised plank of wood (on cinder blocks)
Step #5 -- jump over a post
Step #6 -- crawl through the tunnel
Step #7 -- go over the firepit (they asked for real fire... yea right.)
Step #8 -- swing on the monkey bar

They were having so much fun doing it over and over again to see if they could do it faster the next time! What do you have at your house that you can use to make an obstacle course with?

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