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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Create a Menu Board

Here I go again, trying another way of keeping myself on track with meal planning!
This time my attempt looks pretty, so maybe it will work...

Supplies needed:
  • 8x10 picture frame (find one at a yard sale or thrift store, you are going to cover it anyway so it doesn't matter what it looks like!)
  • Scrapbook or other patterned papers
  • Black card stock
  • 2 solid colors of card stock
  • Very small cardboard box (I used a box that was leftover from photo tabs.)
  • Stickers
  • Letter stickers (or a marker!)
  • Accessories (as desired)
  • Mod-Podge and a foam brush
  • 8 Clothespins
  • Circle punch
  • Card stock for menu cards (as much as you would like, cut into 1x3 strips)
  • Computer labels or a pen (to add your menus to the cards)
  • Glue dots or hot glue

1.  Clean the frame (unless you bought one brand new) and prepare to cover it by taking out the backing and glass.

2.  Rip your scrapbook paper into random strips and mod-podge them all over the front of the frame. Wrap the strips around the edges and continue to glue them down.

3.  While that is drying, punch out 11 circles and add the S, M, T, W, H (I used this for Thursday), F, S and spell out M, E, N, U on two different colors of cardstock.

4.  Cut a piece of black card stock to the 8x10 size and glue your MENU circles to the side of it. Glue the circles to the clothespins, leaving one extra clothespin to decorate and add separately.

5.  When the frame is completely dry, glue the 7-day clothespins to the left side of the frame.  TIP: Start with "W" and put it in the middle of the frame and then work out from there so that everything is centered.

6.  Now it's time to decorate and cover the little cardboard box. Do that however you want. Insert the glass, black card stock and backing into the frame. Glue the cardboard box to the glass leaving enough room to put your Menu Cards into the clothespins next to it. I added the 8th clothespin to the top right hand corner so that I could stick on encouragement verses, schedules, recipe cards, etc. to my board whenever I wanted. It just balances things out and adds some personalization.

If you make your own Menu Board, send us a picture and we'll post it!
Send your photos to to plan my menu for the week!!

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