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Thursday, October 18, 2012

She Who DOESN'T Make......Excuses

So you've been trying all year to....
eat right,
get enough sleep
and drink more water.

But you just....
don't have time to exercise,
can't get organized to eat right,
are too busy to get good sleep
and can't remember to drink enough water.


Wrong! You know what these are.  We all do!   They're excuses. And if you think about it, what you really don't benefit from, most of all, are excuses. So here it comes, ladies - a little mini-series on She Who Makes....with a twist. She Who DOESN'T Make....Excuses. I'll give you the tools to get it done so the excuses are kicked to the curb, where they belong!

So first of all, let's slay one of the biggest excuse-dragons of all. Time. Time to exercise, mainly.  You know what? I bet you do have 12 minutes a day. You have 12 minutes to stop in the drive-thru and get a tall skinny mocha latte extra hot with whip, right? You have 12 minutes to shave your legs, right? And you have 12 minutes to check Facebook, right? There's nothing wrong with these things and in fact, we all really hope that you do take those 12 minutes to shave your legs!

Here's a 12 minute exercise routine that you will really benefit from. And best of all, there's no gym membership required, no special equipment required and best of all no huge time commitment required! It's just 12 minutes!

Okay, so here's how we're going to do it. You need comfy workout clothes and a timer or a stop watch or a clock with a second hand.
1. Choose an exerciose - push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups or chin-ups (if you have a bar).
2. Now do the exercise that you choose - all out - for 1 minute. Rest 30 seconds.
3. Repeat, until you reach 12 minutes.  You'll do it 8 times through.

That's it! Alternate between working out your arms, legs, abs, back, etc. Mix it up so that your muscles have a day or two to rest.

NEXT TIME - we'll talk about getting organized to eat right.

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