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Monday, November 19, 2012

A "Handmade" Christmas...

**SPOILER ALERT** -- Family members, keep in mind that if you continue to read this post your Christmas present surprises may be ruined! Read at your own risk. Fortunately this message will not self-destruct in 30 seconds...
This year is a "handmade" Christmas for our family! I have searched high and wide for gifts that I can make at home to give to our loved ones. All of these gifts include my children's hands in some way or another, hence my "handmade" title. It's really been fun. I won't list everything just now because I really don't want to ruin it for my family... but I will share one thing we have going on at our house today: Handprint Salt Dough Ornaments.
Oh my goodness. These things are SOOO easy to make!!!
Thanks to Olive Juice Mama, I have 4 of these very cute ornaments in the oven right now. If you visit her site you can see that with 3 ingredients, some elbow work (you have to knead the dough for quite awhile) and about 4 hours of bake time -- you will have the cutest ornaments that cost you probably like $.25 cents each to make! Sweet!!!
Here are mine cooking... I will update you with the final product later.
My daughter's hand is on three of these and the fourth is plain because my son wants to paint it himself. We will probably be making another batch tomorrow!

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