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Thursday, November 15, 2012

She Who Doesn't Make Excuses - The Magical Exercise Ball!!

Do you have one of these??

In the world of costly fitness gadgets and machines, these synthetic spheres are super-cheap!!  But the benefit to you is priceless.  If you've never used one, let me tell you, these little numbers can give you a really intense workout.  They offer you the ability to isolate a particular muscle group and that is awesome, I promise you.

I really like because they have a very well organized and easy to read website.  The guys who started the company are from Idaho, where I live, so I'm partial to supporting the hometown boys that done did good.  (Insert smiley face, here.)  So, the link below to help you learn how to use the ball is on their website.

Anyway, back to the question of do you have one of these balls or not....I'm telling you, if you don't have one, hustle on down to the local fitness or sports store and get yourself one, post-haste!  You won't be sorry.  Then check out these easy to follow instructions and go for it!  Exercises for the Exercise Ball  Set aside 10 minutes a session, maybe 3x a week.  Rotate between muscle groups.  Legs one day, abs the next, arms/upper body another day, and don't forget your back and core muscle groups!

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