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Monday, November 12, 2012

She Who Saves...

Did you know that you can use coupons even if you don't get a Sunday paper? You can visit several coupon websites online. My two favorites are:

Both of these websites have TONS of coupons each month and sometimes you can even go back later in the month and the coupons will be updated!
Don't know how to print coupons? It's really easy! I like to fill my printer with scrap printing paper -- I save the sheets that printed incorrectly and turn them upsidedown to stick them in my printer. Stores won't mind if your coupons have stuff written on the back! Just be careful not to use scrap paper with personal information printed on it! Visit the sites and click on the coupons that you would like to print. Most of them will require you to enter your zip code, but you can choose whatever zip code you want and view different coupons for different areas of the country. I think it's fun to sometimes enter "90210" and see what comes up! Once you have clicked your coupons, hit "Print Coupons" and if it's your first time, the website will ask you to install a coupon printer--go ahead and do this--and then when the screen says your coupons have printed, click the back button and then hit refresh and you get to print a second copy of all your coupons! Make sure to print them in color--most stores will not accept black and white anymore. And do not copy your coupons on a photo copier! Only original coupons are accepted. Each computer can print 2, so if you have more than one computer, run in the other room and print some from there, too!

Now that you have printed your coupons, head to your local grocery store. You can go on their websites and view their coupon policy. Sometimes it's good to print it and bring it with you because not all of the cashiers know their store policy.

If you like to shop at Kmart, you can purchase $25 in grocery or healthy/beauty and they will double up to 5 of your coupons up to $1! That means that if you have $1 off toilet paper, they will adjust the price and give you $2 off! If you have $0.50 off deodorant, you will get $1 off!

OR you can go to Walmart and they will "match" Kmart's offer. You can buy the same amount of stuff at Walmart and also get 5 of your coupons doubled.

Here is one of my recent transactions:
3 Gallons of Milk -- $2.26 original price.
I had 3 $0.75 off coupons from that made the milk $1.51 each.
I doubled them to get $0.75 off each one = my total was $2.55 for 3 milks! That's 3 for the price of 1!

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