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Friday, August 19, 2011

Children on the Refrigerator

Several years ago we were attending a Third Day concert in a nearby city and decided to take one of the child sponsorship packets being handed out by World Vision volunteers.  The child whose picture was in our packet just happened to share my son's birthday.  Her name is Meseret and she lives in Ethiopia. 

Since then we have added more "children on the refrigerator" (so called because that is where their photos are placed and once when he prayed for them before the evening meal my husband referred to them that way).  This is a blessing for our family -- we enjoy receiving their letters, photos, and drawings and hearing about their lives which in some ways are similar and many ways so different from ours.  We are grateful for the ability to help them and their families.  We write back to them and dream about one day meeting them in person.

We sponsor children through World Vision, Compassion International, and  Christian Foundation for Children and Aging. I'm sure there are other organizations who do just as good a job.  Consider sponsoring a child (or two or three).  You and your children will benefit from this opportunity to practically share from all that's been given to you!

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