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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Chores Chart

I finished my chores chart this morning! I had already finished and blogged about my Morning Routine chart for my 7 year old. I made my Chores Chart to go with it. I am excited about my homemade magnets and may have to change over the Morning Routine Chart to use magnets also, we'll see how we like using it first.

Each day I will place the magnets that list the chores I want my boys to complete on their portion of the chart. When they complete the chore, they can move the magnet back off the chart to show me that it is completed. Then I can inspect their work. ;-)

Here are my homemade magnets--written out for the 7 year old and in picture form for the 2 1/2 year old. You can make them too, after a quick trip to your local craft store for some Glass Gems (mine were found near the marbles for flower vases) and some Tacky Dot Magnets (mine are Arlene's brand, pack of 24). I even have some glass gems leftover for when I think of some new chores!

Modge Podge the back of the gem in order to glue the chore
circle to the gem and still be able to see through it.

Place the chore circle on the back of the gem. Once it is dry
use scissors to trim away the paper that is sticking off the
side. Each gem is unique and will require more or less
trimming. Doesn't have to be perfect, you can't see the edges!

Let the gems dry!

Flip them over and stick on a tacky dot.

Chores are written or done with clip art based on age.

The chores to be done today!!!

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Valencia said...

Wow that is just too cute!!

shopannies said...

love your chore chart

Emily said...

This is really great -- cute and interactive! Love the gems. Love.

sean's smitty said...

MMMmm. This is a good one! I think even one un-artsy mommy like me can give this one a try!