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Friday, September 23, 2011

The I'm Bored Jar

I doubt that I even need to share WHY I felt the need to make my "I'm Bored" Jar.
You totally know where I am coming from...

I got this idea from Aimee Larsen over at Homespun-Threads.
I modified it a bit from the original design.

Scrapbook Papers
Aimee's website
Modge Podge and Foam Brush
Decorations (if desired)

Print your labels and clipart onto plain paper (like I did) and mount onto scrapbook paper OR you can be extra creative and put your scrapbook paper through the printer and print on pretty backgrounds that way. However you do it is up to you... but the idea is to print out all of her great activities for your child to do when he/she is BORED. These range from chores to crafts to movies to outdoor activities to learning how to do something to practicing your multiplication tables. It even has "Clean Mom's Room" (HA!). You could also leave out the ones that you don't feel like including or make up your own!

 First modge podge your printed activities onto cardstock. This is where I did my own thing. Aimee made little cards by cutting up strips of scrapbook paper and then individually cutting up the labels and gluing them to each card, folding in half. I chose to just glue them to cardstock, cut them apart and fold them in half. They don't have pretty borders, but they are more durable being on cardstock and the backs of each activity are a pretty color at least!

I used my oval cutter to cut out the "I'm Bored" clipart from Aimee's site, you could obviously make your own as well.
After I had my clipart cut out, I cut some more ovals to create a background/border and I messed around with the edges, distressing and inking them to my heart's content. This is big enough to cover the "Kerr" embossing on the jar. Aimee's original design included a strip of paper that goes around the jar, but once again I did my own thing and just modge-podged the oval directly onto the jar. I also cut out her "Warning:" label and mounted it on paper and adhered it to the backside of the jar.
I had fun decorating my jar with some ribbons and buttons to match my kitchen decor (and if you have been following my other Teaching Crafts for my Boys, it is the same color palette and papers as those as well!) Anyway. Today when my oldest gets home from school, we'll see what he thinks about the whole idea.... maybe I'll have to post a picture of him "doing 25 jumping jacks" or "learning to fold the laundry"!!!


Natalie said...

What activity did he pull out on his first try, you might ask???

Popcorn and a Movie

I can't win.

Emily said...

At least you can blame The Jar if he's a couch potato.