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Thursday, September 29, 2011

She Eats Breakfast

Breakfast is definitely one of my favorite meals of the day. 

It wasn't always this way, because I really don't like cold cereal, and for much of my life to-date that seemed to be the only option, mostly due to lack of inspiration and motivation than to anything else.  Because of my distaste for cold cereal, especially when I had young children in the home, I would often realize at about 11 am (or later!) that I hadn't eaten anything yet that day.  (Except for coffee.  Does that count?  Can't live without my coffee.  Preferably French Press.  So happy that They have decided it's good for me now. By the way I just noticed today is National Coffee Day.  Yay!)

Okay, back to food.

Does that ever happen to you?  (The not eating until 11 am -- or later -- part.)  This is not a good thing 'cause I'd eat mid-day, at dinner time, and be hungry again at around 10 pm.  Not to mention that I can get kinda light-headed if I haven't eaten.  And I can't focus properly on what's going on around me because my stomach is rumbling and I need to sit down.  I probably don't need to go into much more detail about this particular little scenario.

Granted, They (there they are again!) are still arguing about the specifics of whether eating breakfast makes you healthier, speeds up your metabolism, helps you lose weight, helps you keep weight off, whatever. (This person thinks so, this person doesn't, this person thinks breakfast is the answer to ALL of your woes...).

I'm just gonna go with the observation that when I eat a healthy breakfast early in the day, I feel better, have more energy, eat less later in the day, and the children are happier and obedient, and my husband actually IS Prince Charming.  (Well maybe not those last two things.)

I think this is two peaches...  I was hungry!
And I didn't have any walnuts on this particular morning.

So, back to the not-liking-cold-cereal.  One of my fave quick and easy breakfasts is the "yogurt parfait" -- or yogurt and fruit.  This can be made any way you like it with whatever fruit and yogurt you have on hand -- here are a few of my current favorite combinations!
  • French vanilla yogurt with a whole sliced kiwi fruit.
  • Plain yogurt with diced fresh peaches (or nectarine), a few walnuts, a drizzle of honey and sprinkle of cinnamon.
  • Strawberry yogurt with sliced bananas and a few almonds (toasted is nice).
Add a slice of lightly buttered wheat toast and you are seriously good to go!

Please get into the habit of eating breakfast.  It's What She Does!

[Oh and we'd love it if you would leave a comment with your favorite yogurt and fruit combination.]

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1 comment:

sean's smitty said...

MMMMmmm. We've been on a yogurt and fruit kick here for about a year. We usually have our plain greek yogurt drizzled with honey over a half cup of multigrain old fashioned oats (dry, raw) and tossed with fruit. In summer I love fresh blueberries. In the fall we transition to grated apple and a pinch of cinnamon. I'll have to give kiwi a try!