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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Homemade Tortilla Chips

If you've never tried this you should very soon.  Homemade tortilla chips are easy and so worth the little bit of time and effort!  Trust me, make these for your family and they will love you ever so much more so!

You will need:
  • a package of corn tortillas
  • canola oil (I imagine you could use another kind but this is what I use)
  • salt
  • a large, deep, heavy bottomed pan -- here I am using a "wok"-style one and it works great!  [Note: for safety's sake make sure your pan is completely dry before using!!]
  • a cookie sheet, covered with two layers of paper towels
  • kitchen tongs

Grab your package of tortillas.
Take 1/2 of the package and cut the pile into sixths.
Pour an inch or so of oil into the (dry!!) pan, turn the heat to medium-high.

You want the oil to be hot enough so that the chips will cook in about 3-4 minutes.
When you think the oil is hot enough,
CAREFULLY slide a tortilla piece into the pan to test the temperature.
If bubbles start forming immediately around the piece of tortilla, the oil is ready.

When the oil is hot enough, CAREFULLY slide (don't plop or throw, slide!) about 10-12 more tortilla pieces into the oil.  Probably don't do more than 15 at a time or they won't cook quickly enough.
Let them brown for 1-2 minutes and then carefully turn each one with the tongs.
After another 2 minutes or so they should look nicely browned and crispy!

Here's what they look like after being removed from the pan.
Take them out carefully one-by-one and gently shake off the extra oil back into the pan.
Place on the paper-towel lined cookie sheet.
After you've taken all the chips out of the pan immediately shake on salt to taste.

Then add another batch to the pan.
Go ahead and cut up the remaining 1/2 of the tortilla package while these are cooking.

In the end you'll have a lovely pile of freshly made, warm & crispy tortilla chips!  Yum!!

TIP:  Many grocery stores sell large packages of 100 count white corn tortillas.  Separate this large bag into freezer bags of 15-20 tortillas each and put into the freezer -- they defrost just fine in the fridge for when you need 'em, and you save money and time by buying in bulk. 

ANOTHER TIP:  You an re-use the oil for another time -- let it cool COMPLETELY and pour carefully into a mason jar for storage.  You can strain out the pieces if you want to but I usually don't bother with this step, I just don't pour the last bits out of the pan into the jar.   I store my tortilla-chip oil in a back corner of my fridge.  It can be re-used more than once.

Best served with homemade salsa!