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Monday, January 16, 2012

Homemade Treat for your Face

A few weeks ago -- I confess -- I had my very first professional facial.  It was beyond amazing -- the whole entire time I kept thinking, "I don't care what this costs me, I'll pay her whatever she wants!"  I don't know if I'll do it again any time soon (it actually was kinda pricey) but since it took me 48-and-a-half years to get to my first, I don't think it'll be so bad if I do go back a few more times before I leave this here earth.

The whole experience (well that, and my frustration with peri-menopausal, somewhat hormonally-wacky skin; sorry if that's TMI) got me thinking again about about self-care and paying attention to the skin on my face, and easy things I could do to give myself a boost.

Hence, Take Care of Yourself Tip #2:

This blog post has some other good ideas for taking care of your face and skin.
Feed your Face (Literally) Every Once in a While

An extremely simple way to do this is with a Yogurt-Oatmeal-Honey mask:
  1. Open your fridge, take out a container of plain yogurt, put a large spoonful into a small bowl,
  2. Add a squirt of honey and 
  3. A spoonful of oatmeal (optional -- helps to exfoliate but leave it out if you want)
Stir together and -- here's the fun part -- smear it all over your face with a clean rubber spatula or your fingers.  So fun, and it kinda feels like some sort of pre-school activity run amuk too, so that's an added benefit.  Hey even more fun would be to go find your kids now and scare them.

Or not.

Anyway, leave this on your face (it feels really good!) for 10 minutes or so and then rinse off with lukewarm water.

Here is a short article which tells you all the health benefits of this particular combo.

Try it!  You'll definitely like it.

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