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Friday, January 27, 2012

"Simple Solutions for Everyday Organic" (#2)

These seven ideas for ways to lower your grocery bill were taken from an article I read in Mary Janes Farm magazine...

1. Buy outside the box. Shop the outer rim of the grocery store. All those center aisles are filled with boxed items that are expensive and processed and not good for you!

2. Think big. Buy items in bulk and divide them up into your own smaller containers to be reused. Check the store tags for price per unit and buy the cheapest packaging size. [We reuse many containers--for example my homemade laundry soap is currently in an old yogurt tub!]

3. Freeze it. Once you've bought those bigger items and divided them up, freeze them! It will be so fun to go grab that meat or cheese from the garage instead of the store!

4. Heads up. Don't buy those pre-packaged salads. Buy the items fresh and make it yourself. The cut ends of the produce spoil quicker since more of the leaf is exposed to oxygen.

5. Weighty issues. Weigh bags of potatoes, onions and fruit before you choose which one to get. Since they are packaged as 3, 5 or more lbs, you can possibly find up to 3/4 lb. larger bag and get that for the same price as a lighter one!

6. Herbal magic. Like to buy fresh herbs but can't use them up before they spoil? Take some away and hang it upside down to dry for later!

7. Tote it with you. Use a reusable shopping tote (some shops will give you a refund for using them!)

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