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Friday, March 23, 2012

Photos from a Springtime Garden (Pt. 1)

The warm weather has arrived in central North Carolina and along with it the plants and trees are greening, growing, and flowering.  I thought you might enjoy a few photos of what's blooming around here this week.

(L to R) Rosemary, lemon thyme, lavender, and creeping thyme

Last year my husband installed a small patio in our backyard using some paving stones and leftover brick from another project.  I put a few herbs in along one side.  The basil and parsley died off but these remained.  The lavender was moved from somewhere else where it wasn't thriving and is doing much better here.  A volunteer columbine is peeking out from between the rosemary and thyme.

Potted strawberries that keep coming back (original plant was bought in 2009!)...and a bit of a potted Confederate Jasmine that is greening up
Primroses...  one of my favorites.  They really don't like the NC heat but I keep trying and planting them here and there anyway!

Maybe, just maybe, if I keep spraying the smelly stuff on these pretty rhododendron flowers, just maybe I can see them bloom before the deer eat them up!
I have finally found a product that works to keep the deer from consuming my plants and flowers, but you do need to keep spraying it (especially during the growing season) and it is kinda pricey -- I buy the concentrate and mix it up myself in a spray bottle.  I haven't found this in big box stores but it is sold in several local garden centers around here. Visit their website for details on all their products!

Hellebore -- another favorite that does really well in this climate.
Did you know that maintaining hellebore plants properly includes snipping off last season's leaves once the new pretty green ones have emerged?  See the ones laying on the ground that are turning brown?  In another week or so I will snip those off as they will have been replaced by those bright green ones.

Lambs ear next to another type of rosemary
What's growing in your neck of the woods?

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