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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Photos from a Springtime Garden (Pt. 2)

The hosta are popping up, getting taller by the minute...

Creeping phlox...  around these parts this doesn't last very long, but I love its sweet blossoms and the foliage can hang in there for a while, even into the hot months.

More creeping phlox.  No idea why there is one lonely pink blossom among all the white!

Trumpet honeysuckle vine.
Can't resist another pic of the rhododendron.

Here come the Japanese maple leaves...  just a few days later these are almost entirely out!

This hydrangea is threatening to eat my porch...  it's so gorgeous though that I allow it to be monstrously huge.  Do you know how to properly prune a hydrangea?  

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