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Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Quick Hash for Dinner

One of the things that I like to keep on-hand in my refrigerator is Turkey Smoked Sausage. This stuff can make for a very quick meal and you don't have to worry about defrosting any meat!

My favorite recipe to use is my Smoked Sausage Hash -- I guess I will call it -- and it goes like this...

Slice the sausage into silver dollar sized pieces and sear it on a frying pan with a little bit of butter and some onions and green peppers. Once the veggies have cooked down some (to your liking --either all the way until they are soft, or leave a little bit of crunch to them) and the sausage is crisped on the edges, add some potatoes. I usually boil some diced potatoes and throw them in the pan so they will brown as well... but to make things even quicker, this time I just added some natural french fries that I had heated up in the oven.

Toss everything around and while it is cooking, scramble enough eggs to cover the whole mixture in egg. I scrambled my eggs with a bit of milk, but water works well also and doesn't add extra calories. Pour the eggs into the pan and let it cook on low until it starts bubbling. Give it a stir, but don't stir too often. Cover the pan and let it finish off. Season to taste. (I used seasoning salt that I added when I put in the french fries.) Sprinkle some cheddar cheese on top and let it melt.

Serve with condiments if you like -- my kids like ketchup on it. My husband likes hot sauce. I like it plain.

Fast and Yummy!

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