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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

She Who Doesn't Make...EXCUSES - Pt. 2 - Eating Right

So, "eating right."  Something you've heard so many times, but what does it really mean?  I have three words for you.  Protein, Carbohydrates and Fats.  In its simplest form, this is eating right. 

The first step to getting back into losing weight and/or getting into shape is making sure that your macronutrients (protein, carbs and fat) are in BALANCE.  Our society is too carb heavy.  We have become carb burning machines when really, we were made to be protein burning machines.  And in regard to fats, it's not that we aren't eating fats.  We are eating a lot of fats.  But not the RIGHT fats.  And protein, we are so protein deficient.  And the proteins that are coming in are in foods laden with bad fats or empty carbs.  In summary, the key word here is QUALITY.  Quality carbs (dark, green, leafy veggies!).  Quality fats in moderation (raw almonds, avocados, olive oil).  Quality protein (lean meats, fish).  Eat in balance and focus on quality.  THINK WHOLE FOODS!!

This is a complex topic, and I am only scratching the surface.  So, I want to inspire you to do some research and some journaling.  Check out: Calorie King or My Fitness Pal or my favorite, Fit Day, because it shows a really easy to use pie chart.  These websites will help you to journal what you're eating.

The second step is to figure your calories.  This doesn't have to be complicated.  You need a certain amount of calories just to LIVE.  Then if you are exercising, you need more to sustain that. Think of an automobile.  (You've all probably heard this analogy before.)  You cannot get anywhere if you have NO gas.  The more you drive, the more gas you need.  The more activity you engage in, the more food (fuel) you need.  You can create a bit of a deficit if you are trying to lose weight, but be careful.  Don't mess with your metabolism too much or it will falter.  Also, keep in mind that if you have your macronutrients in balance, your calories should be in pretty good balance, too.  Here's a helpful website to figure out what macronutrients you should be taking in (for your height, weight, age) and also how to calculate your calories: How to Calculate Macronutrients and Calories

The third step is journal.  Journal, journal, journal.  Journal the foods you eat.  Journal your macronutrients, study and learn what you are taking in.  Journal your exercise.  Discipline yourself to do this.  Without even knowing it or realizing it, over time you will LEARN SO MUCH.  It will build upon itself, it will be exponential.  You will learn portion control, what you can tolerate and what you are missing (carb sickness, fat overload, protein deficiency).  You will keep yourself accountable.  Very important stuff.  Journaling is so important.

So, in summary:
1. Get your macronutrients in balance.
2. Figure your needed calories to live and exercise.
3. JOURNAL!!  Sometimes accountability to yourself is all you really need!

I know you can do this!!!

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