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Monday, September 19, 2011

She Makes Mondays (Link-Up!)

Today we are introducing a weekly feature -- She Makes Mondays.

We'll be sharing a helpful homemaking tip and want to give you the opportunity to share also!

Here's what you do:
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Today's tip: Personalized Napkin Rings
Mine is the flashy beaded number.
Husband gets wood.
Daughter chose the pretty blue-green ring.
We've used cloth napkins for years and years and love 'em. They just feel better and work better and look better... they are just better! The only trouble is keeping track of whose napkin is whose. How I've dealt with this is personalized napkin rings. Go to your local discount store or big-box home products store and have each family member choose a ring that appeals to them -- or pick one for them if they can't come along with you. Don't worry about matching or coordinating with your decor -- have fun with this and let each person pick the napkin ring that just makes them happy. If you're lucky they might like the ones that are on clearance 'cause there's only one or two left in the store. Keep the napkins in a basket in your kitchen or just leave 'em on the dining room or kitchen table at each person's place.

Another way to do this is to have one of your particularly crafty children create napkin rings from air-drying clay.  Then have each family member choose their preferred color or design and paint the ring accordingly.

Simple and effective!

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