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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Meals from the Basket (Week 3)

Just a few ideas to share from this week's basket..

One of the items in the basket was Pear-Apples (or Apple-Pears). We had purchased two baskets this week (I am providing veggies and fruit for a baby shower...) and so we had twice as many of these strange "prapples" I am calling them... I unfortunately do not enjoy partaking in pears and even tho' my hubby loves pears, he does not care for these prapples... so into a crisp they will go. I love me some crisp. This week, I used my sister's recommended recipe for a Nutty Apple (Prapple) Crisp.

A couple tips/changes that I made... When I cut my cold butter (to create butter, softened) I like to cut the butter not only in slices, but in little cubes. It seems to cut into the sugar and flour a lot easier. I also used pecans because I prefer their taste.

Meal Idea:
Tortilla Soup (basket ingredients used: corn, lime, tortillas) and Salad (using raw veg and lettuces from basket)
Brown Ground Chicken, Turkey or Beef in a Soup Pot.

Add 3+cups of Chicken Broth.
Dump in a jar of salsa (to taste).
Squeeze in the juice of 1 lime.
Cut corn off 2 cobs (or use 1-2 cans if you
don't have fresh) and stir it into soup.
Heat to a boil and then simmer for
awhile so the flavors can mix.
Now, that is easy soup!!!
Serve hot with cheese, sour cream and
Homemade Tortilla Chips I like to dip
my chips in the soup, but you can pour
your soup over the chips to do it the
traditional way...
We eat beautiful salads like this all week long with
all of our fresh veggies!
Took all of this fabulous veggies and fruit
to the baby shower!!!


sean's smitty said...

Hey Natta-
Just a quick comment unrelated to this post. I usually follow all my various blogs in my google reader. But only small portions of each post from your blog show there. Not sure how to fix that, or it it's something you want to fix. But know that this might be an issue for other followers who use a reader to follow you.
Enjoying catching up with you here!
heather gregg

Natalie said...

Hi Heather! Thanks for letting me know. I went into the blog's settings and tweaked a few things. Let me know if that makes it better! And thanks so much for reading. I love it when I see that you have commented on something. :-) Hope that some of the ideas are helpful to you!!

sean's smitty said...

It worked! I just read your latest post in my reader. Lots of good ideas. It's nice to share these ideas back and forth.