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Monday, October 17, 2011

She Makes Monday (Link-up!): Freeze Meat in Dinner Portions

Today we are continuing a weekly feature -- She Makes Mondays -- where we share a helpful homemaking idea or tip and give you the opportunity to share too!

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Here's our tip: 
Freeze Meat in Dinner Portions

Most grocery stores now sell chicken, beef, and other meats in large packages.  When you get home from the store, take a few minutes to divide the meat you've purchased into dinner portions :
  • Ground beef -- don't even remove the packaging, just use a big knife to cut the whole business into equal amounts -- of whatever you need for your family size -- peel away the packaging and dump the portions into a freezer bag (or wrap in several layers of plastic).
  • Chicken -- place however many breasts or pieces you use for your family into quart- or gallon-size freezer bags.  Pour in some marinade to coat (for ease, just use some bottled marinade or Italian salad dressing works well too).  The pieces will marinate while they thaw when you take them out of the freezer later.  You can do this with flash-frozen chicken pieces/breasts/tenders as well.
  • Chops or steaks -- again, divide and place in quart-size freezer bags.

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