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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Creating 3-D Embellishments

At a recent scrapbooking workshop I learned a great way to create 3-D butterflies on my pages! I bet you could do this with other shapes, but it's especially cute with a butterfly because it looks like it is "flying off the page"! First you will need to punch 3 shapes of whatever it is you want to turn into a 3-D design. It works best if you have paper that is double-sided so that you can have a different effect each way that you do it. My paper had a solid side and a patterned side.

After you have punched out the 3 shapes, fold them directly down the middle. Once again, if you have different designs on each side, you can fold them in opposite ways and achieve differnet looks. Decide which one you want to be on top and fold it so that the side of the paper you want is on the inside of the fold.

Now, with a butterfly, the trick is to put a little bit of glue on one of the wings and then glue the wing of another butterfly to it and line them up just right so they are back to back. You want to glue the 3 shapes together-- one in the middle and then another one glued to the back of each side of the middle one. This is where you want to decide which direction to have the paper fold, so that you see the design that you want poking out from behind the top butterfly's wings. Do not glue the back two butterflies together.
Glue down the butterfly by adhering the two folded butterflies to the page, one on each side. Let the top butterfly float up a bit and you can see what a nice effect you get.

What other shapes do you think would work?!

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