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Friday, December 9, 2011

Guest Post: A Reader's Christmas Countdown

One of our readers (who happens to be our cousin) has shared another Christmas Countdown idea with us! She found her idea here (with step by step instructions) but this is what she said she did:

1. I made a paper pattern of a stocking shape about 5" high.

2. I folded 8.5"x11" pieces of felt in half and cut two sets from each sheet with the pattern. I got 24 stockings out of 12 sheets of felt in lots of different colors.

3. Before I sewed the sides together I sewed different types of trims across the top; jingle bells, snowflake ribbon, and fuzzy tassels.

4. Then I sewed the two sides together using different decorative stitches; zigzag, edging, etc.

5. I glued little star buttons on each toe in contrasting colors.

6. I used fabric paint to write the numbers on them

7. I hung from a gold cord with clothespins.

8. I wrote 24 fun family activities on little cards and put one in each stocking.

A few ideas:
  • fill the birdfeeders
  • hang a wreath on the door
  • make paper star decorations
  • put up the tree
  • go caroling with the church group
  • read Christmas stories and drink cocoa
  • make pinecone birdfeeders for presents
  • wrap presents
  • learn to play carols on the piano
  • go to a concert
  • make peanut butter penuche
I thought about putting candy canes or chocolate in them but I know my kids would raid them before the correct day so I am just going to include those treats on some of the days by doling them out myself. :) [Isn't she a SMART Mommy?!?!]

If you haven't started a Christmas Countdown yet but feel inspired... who's to say you can't start now?! Go ahead and do some fun activities with your family to prepare for Christmas and next year start it all over again with all the days of December...

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Andi Sibley said...

Thanks for posting this! It is so fun to share ideas and get inspired by other blogs.