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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Making Homemade Ornaments

Do you have a Christmas Ornament tradition in your home? We usually get one new one for each family member every year. This year we are also adding a second ornament tradition--making ornaments for family members. I am helping my oldest son make them using his school pictures. We always get so many wallets with his photo package, it's nice to have another use for them!

I went to this store and bought:
  • Clay ornaments (glazed and fired so they're nice and shiny!) -- these were on clearance and only cost me $.69 each!!!
  • Ribbon Bows (with a great sticky dot on the back, making it easy for little hands to work with)
  • Mod Podge (seriously like my favorite stuff in the world right now)

Then I used my fabulous Cricut to cut out some green and red Christmas wreaths. This part is a bit too difficult for my son, but now that I have put them together, he can place them on the ornament with me and glue them down around his photo. Then all he has to do is slap the ribbon bow on, tie the ornament with a string loop and hang it from the tree! I think we might use raffia to hang the ornaments with. I am going to have him write his own name and the date on the back and then seal it up with more MP.

Cute. Fun. And a nice gift for someone he loves...
Who knows, maybe you're one of the people he'll be sending one to.....

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