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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pre-School Activity Idea

I recently made some busy bags with friends of mine and it has inspired me to continue to come up with ideas to keep my pre-schooler entertained! He keeps saying "I gotta do my homework" then proceeds to scribble on the nearest piece of paper. I am thinking he's ready for some structured learning activities, don't you?

Do you receive TONS of those free address labels in the mail? It seems like we get them once a month around here.... Well, I have a GREAT idea for something you can do with them besides address envelopes...

Cut the little pictures off of the sides of each label. Then create "Matching" or "Pattern" cards for your pre-schooler to work on! Each card can only be used once, but since these stickers are free, I think it's worth it! I placed some of the stickers on the front of the card and then attached the matches or pattern completion pieces to the back of the card [leaving them on the removable backing] with some photo tape. Great fun and good recycling!!!

Give it a try and send me a picture of your little guy or gal matching away!

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