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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Family Organization Station

Some of you may remember my Chores Chart that used to reside on the front of my refrigerator... well now that my younger son has reached the phase I like to call  
"I'll Do It Myself and/or Exactly Like My Brother"
I needed to come up with something slightly different to accommodate his shortness. So I came up with this idea after visiting several sites on Pinterest that included photos of people's message centers/calendars/offices, etc. Here is what I came up with! Sorry the picture isn't great... once again the lack of natural light in this part of my house is so frustrating!

This picture is of the side of my kitchen cabinet that ends the kitchen area and begins the hallway/living room. This is a central location in our home which works great! The top/left frame is scrapbook paper and a blank calendar behind the frame's glass. I use fine-tip dry erase markers to write on the dates and events. The top/right frame is the same thing, except I just used a blank area with the title "Notes" on the top of the page where I can write reminders, phone numbers, notes for my family. ~ Underneath the frames I mounted a cookie sheet to the cabinet with some scrapbook papers glued to the front. Makes a great ledge for my markers as well as the perfect spot for our chore magnets! The boys can view the magnets that are placed on the "Chores" side each day and when they complete them, they move them to the other side to show that the jobs are completed.

No help from Mama needed, not to mention that my little guy gets to copy big brother in the process!

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