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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Make Your Own Dishwasher Soap

A batch of homemade dishwasher soap will wash between 86-90 loads of dishes. The ingredients cost roughly $6 which makes this soap $0.06-0.07 per load.

What I used to purchase cost me
$0.18-0.20 per load.

WOW! Coolness.

Making your own dishwasher soap is actually really easy and as stated before, super inexpensive!

Here's what you need to pick-up at the store:
Borax, Super Washing Soda, LemiShine, Kosher Salt and Distilled White Vinegar (to use as a rinse agent if desired)

Combine 2 cups each of the Borax, Washing Soda and LemiShine in a bowl with 1 cup of the kosher salt. Mix this together. You may have to use a knife or your fingers to break up some of the chunks that will form. A few chunks is okay, though!

Store in an airtight container and use 1 Tbsp in each load of dishes.

If you want a cheap alternative to buying a rinse agent, just pour some vinegar in your dispenser!

I think that the next time I make this, I will grab 2 containers of the Lemi Shine so that I can fill my container of soap up to the top. I didn't know how much it would make at first. I keep the other ingredients around all the time for making my other homemade cleaning supplies so overall, this was really easy for me to add to my routine of creating my own cleaning products!!!

Thank you, Simply Designing for the instructions!


Emily said...

This looks great -- and I love how you attached the tablespoon to your dispenser!

Kathy Jo said...

So gonna try this!! I already make my own laundry soap. Thanks !!