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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Readers' Responses for November

Here's someone else's idea for designing artwork for the home:

from our post -- Butterfly Artwork
Comments from our readers...

From: April @ The 21st Century Housewife
Your applesauce muffins sound wonderful - I love all the wholesome ingredients. They are perfect for autumn with the nutmeg and cinnamon too. Thank you for sharing them with Let's Do Brunch. I've chosen them as one of my features from last week, and will be linking to this post from my Let's Do Brunch post today. Applesauce Oats & Yogurt Muffins

From: Anonymous
My Elly (4) and i made these this afternoon. i had to double the recipe for my family. yummy!!! i used white flour and vanilla yogurt (what i had on hand). still turned out good! looking forward to eating them for breakfast! Applesauce Oats & Yogurt Muffins

From: Andi Sibley
This is a lot of fun! I decided to try to post a picture of the day on facebook all through November to highlight three things I am thankful for this year. It's going to get harder as the month goes on I am sure, but I enjoy that challenge. God is so good I know I will never run out of things to be thankful for - I just need to look around! Take a Picture-of-the-Day!

Please come see us on Facebook!!! There are many opportunities to comment on there as well as see updates, photos and share more ideas together. We have reached "69 Likes" this month -- let's make it 70 and shoot for 100 in December!!!

And for those of you considering whether or not to Crochet a Really Simple Hat ... here's a little something to inspire you!...

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